ours began in TALKEETNA,  ALASKA IN 1978 

when Ray “Pirate” Genet constructed a cabin. The Pirate was an explorer and swashbuckler who attained legendary status as a mountaineer in Alaska and founded the first guiding service on Denali — Almost four decades later, it wasn’t until after Joe McAneney had acquired this cabin that he discovered its rich and largely untold history. Fueled by Genet’s audacity and flamboyance, The High Expedition was launched.  

We are expanding upon a bold Alaskan legacy, inspired by the pioneers before us. From climbing to cannabis, the pursuit of personal freedom has always been our foundation. Guides to a healthy and active lifestyle, we provide goods rooted in traditional Alaskan wellness. Our team of adventure athletes prescribe the quality and purpose, driven by necessity from the Iditarod Trail, to the summit of Denali. 

The hemp plant has provided nutrition and functional goods for thousands of years. We are committed to incorporating hemp into every aspect of what we make.

Thanks for using less plastic and more hemp.

As we like to say — "To the Summit."

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