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Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract


    Broad-Spectrum CBD from Organic Hemp
    Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
    Organic Coconut Oil


    500mg ——— 1oz (1mg drop)
    1000mg ——— 1oz (2mg drop)
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in abundance in the Cannabis sativa L. plant (hemp), and is associated with numerous health and wellness benefits. This formula contains a broad-spectrum hemp extract, including a variety of beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant, while ensuring zero THC and plenty of CBD for your pet.

    We source the highest quality wild Alaskan salmon oil from the waters of southeast Alaska. The superior taste and smell leaves even the pickiest pets wanting more, allowing you to administer the formula consistently and effectively.

    Salmon have long been a traditional staple as a sustainable food source in the Far North. High in protein and essential fatty acids, wild salmon possess numerous nutritional benefits for both humans and animals.
    Hip + joint health 

    Anxiety + stress relief 

    Anti-inflammatory + pain relief

    Boosts immune system

    Healthy skin + coat

    Heals wounds + irritations 

    Provides Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids

    Improves coat + skin health 

    Helps prevent skin allergies 

    Reduces inflammation + promotes joint health

    Improves heart, liver and kidney function

    Helps prevent heart disease 

    Reduces blood pressure 

    Regulates the immune system

    Improves cognitive function

    Helps promote weight loss in overweight dogs 

    Helps promote healthy brain development throughout growth cycle

    May inhibit cancer cell growth 


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